ERP System Coming Soon

An ERP system that allows SME's to collect data from multiple locations, projects and teams, and view it instantaneously. Information flows easily across companies and fully integrated with all the module.It’s simple for remote offices and individuals to share knowledge between themselves and head office.


1. Data Analysis

Anytime a transaction occurs in your organization, whether an operational movement such as inventory control or a financial transaction such as payment for a sale, this data can be accessed by production, operations, and finance departments.

2. Reporting

Offering intuitive reporting interfaces and visual data display capabilities. Business intelligence tools are helping companies base key decisions on information derived from financial and non-financial key performance indicators.

3. Financial Management

Financial management helps business track income and expenses and plan for growth. Commonly referred to as accounting, financial management modules are designed to help businesses make better spending decisions, create accurate financial reports, and manage assets.

4. Sales & Purchase

You can manage sales orders, invoice and quatation.Administrate incoming goods and related payable invoices, with specific regard to the recording of all purchase documents.

5. Human Resource

Human resources also encompasses payroll capabilities, which offers functionality for all employee payment tasks, including calculation of periodic wages, application of deductions, payment processing (check writing or direct deposit), and generation of governmentally required payroll forms. Tying in with payroll is time tracking, which is useful for recording employee time both for payroll, as well as human resource management purposes.

6. Project Management

Time tracking in projects helps team members drive up their productivity and get work done faster than they’d normally take. The objective is to find which tasks take time and how you can ensure that your team is operating efficiently.Companies should be able to view budget and revenue for each project.

Equinox ERP System